The Light Within

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Reviews & Endorsements

“Lyons’ intimate yet ethereal vocals, and her sincere, simple lyrics combined with poignant, often soaring music and melodies create a lush space of serenity. The Light Within, is the perfect album to nestle into for a restorative respite.” - Leanne Wood, LA Yoga (full review)

"The Light Within is about as perfect a mixture of gorgeous vocals, delightful musical compositions, sterling performances, and superb production/engineering as you're likely to hear this year (and probably for a few years to come). It stands toe to toe with albums from the likes of Enya and 2002's later releases." - Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire (full review)

"The Light Within is a revelation and a real shot in the arm for the vocal wing of the New Age genre, something that had been needed for quite some time... Listening to Lyons is like listening to the angels calling across the great galactic divide." - Steve Sheppard, One World Music (full review)

“As soon as the first track started, I was spellbound. I found it a natural course of events listening to this music and all the wonderful feelings and peace I felt. Music is a powerful tool, and it’s refreshing to see it being used in such a positive manner. The tools and gifts of god were put in good hands when Juliet Lyons found her path.” - Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews (full review)

"A soothingly soulful blend of ethereal vocals and lush instrumentation bathed in an Eastern mystique, for an overall vibe that could be described as a Buddha Bar meets healing spa soundscape. A top-notch production sure to have much cross-genre appeal, The Light Within illuminates the listening space and seemingly infuses it with a sense of solace... Arguably one of the year’s finest [new age] albums." - Candice Michelle, Aural Awakenings (full review)

"A very special album, unlike any other, that the whole world should hear and inhale deeply into their entire 'beingness.' The harmoniously melodic light from this album gently pours out onto us, filling us to the brim with love." - Dyan Garris, Best New Age CDs (full review)

“We can take comfort in the gentleness of Juliet’s voice as she sings to de-stress and heal. When you hear music that flows like honey and words that touch the heart like Juliet Lyons’ compositions, you will be a believer.” - R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews (full review)

“Make it the soundtrack to your next yoga or meditation session and open up to the soul immersion and shift in consciousness coming your way.” - Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe (full review)

"Juliet’s love and compassion for all brilliantly shines through...recommended listening for anyone seeking solace from the strife in today’s world." - Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion (full review)

“Juliet Lyons and a very impressive group of supporting artists have created a peaceful and uplifting musical refuge for healing, stress relief, relaxation, meditation and pure musical enjoyment. Coming from a place of love, Juliet’s expressive voice touches the heart with warmth and sincerity.“ - Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano (full review)

"How blessed we all are that Juliet Lyons is helping us so gracefully to see "The Light Within" shining brightly in each one us. Bravo!" - Paul Avgerinos, New Age Grammy® Winner

"A shimmering, sparkling production. Juliet Lyons' The Light Within will awaken your heart and still your mind. Her music will spark you spiritual journey." - Kabir Sehgal, 4x Grammy® Winner and New York Times Bestseller

"Her music is enchanting and her voice opens the heart in a way that allows one to go deeper in their yoga practice. Her voice allows people to surrender." - Kendra Rickert, Founder - Nirguna Yoga

Awards & Accolades

Billboard Top Ten New Age
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  • #3 on Billboard New Age Chart
  • Hollywood Music In Media Awards - Eternal Now (ft. Ron Korb) WINNER for Best New Age/Ambient Song
  • Independent Music Awards - Eternal Now (ft. Ron Korb) nominated for Best New Age Song
  • Hollywood Music In Media Awards - Calm nominated for Best Downbeat/Downtempo Song
  • The Light Within nominated for Best Vocal Album - ZMR Awards
  • The Light Within nominated for Best Vocal Album - One World Music Awards

Liner Notes & Track Listings

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