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Winter 2019

ad astra artwork derek palmer juliet lyons.jpg

September - Listen for “Eternal Now” ft. Ron Korb (from new album, The Light Within) which has been added to rotation on Sirius XM’s Spa channel.

October - “Ad Astra,” a collaboration with producer/composer Derek Palmer, was released on Emergent Skies. I LOVE this very trailer-esque track, check it out on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, or Youtube. Also, you’ll find a review of “The Light Within” in LA Yoga Magazine’s October/November print issue.

hmma-julietlyons square.jpeg

November - THRILLED to have won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for “Eternal Now” ft. Ron Korb!!!

A Very Corgi Christmas square.jpg

December - You can hear my song “You’re My Christmas” (co-written with Dean Taylor and Vince Constantino) on TWO made-for-television holiday films this year! A Very Corgi Christmas features the song twice, rent it on Amazon for $3.99. Lifetime is airing “Christmas in the City” several more times this year, and my co-writers and I love how this show is the gift that keeps on giving - this is the sixth year in a row that it has aired.


SD County Fair Ozsome.png

June - I was honored to adjudicate the Singer/Songwriter competition at the San Diego County Fair.

July - I was thrilled to return to the Performing Arts Workshop's L.E.A.D. program in San Diego, presenting another singing workshop to help young women discover and connect with their voices.

August - "No Guarantees," was used on the MTV show "Are You the One?" Scott Horton (Bohemian Hideaway) and I collaborated on this song.

"The Light Within," was reviewed by Leanne Wood in LA Yoga Magazine online. It will also be in the October/November print issue. We also released a music video for "Lokah Samastah." Watch it here:

My most recent collaboration with AYK - "Coming Back" - was released on Inspectrum Recordings.


the light within_6PAN1T-C-02.jpg

New Release: The Light Within: Songs for Yoga, Healing, & Inner Peace

This spring has been all about releasing my new album, a passion project I've been working on for years. May 10th was the big release day, and has been off to a great start: The Light Within charted #3 on the Billboard New Age Charts, and "Eternal Now (ft. Ron Korb)" was nominated for an Independent Music Award and a Hollywood Music in Media Award. Some beautiful reviews have been coming in - you can read what people are saying, listen to the songs, and read the liner notes here: The Light Within, If you'd like to purchase a CD, the only place to do so is Digital downloads and streams are available everywhere (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, Amazon, etc). Thank you for the incredible support as I've sent this album into the world!

Watch the album trailer

Billboard Top Ten New Age

WINTER 2018/2019

For Now I Am Winter_Juliet Lyons.jpg

New Single: For Now I Am Winter (cover)

This is my spontaneous fangirl cover of Olafur Arnalds and Arnor Dan's "For Now I Am Winter." A few weeks after releasing this single, I attended Olafur Arnalds' live show in San Diego - what a treasured experience. :). Spotify: Juliet Lyons - For Now I Am Winter

Grafton performance 1.jpg

Grafton on Sunset - More Grammy Weekend Performance Fun

I sang a couple songs at an informal Grammy weekend gathering at the Grafton on Sunset. Mollie Weaver and I sang a duet together after many years and we had an absolute blast.


Indie Collaborative Grammy Weekend Showcase performance

It was a special night of performances from select members of the Indie Collaborative, and I was honored to be one of them. Performers included past Grammy winners, as well as nominees who would go on to win a Grammy a few days later at this year's awards show. The spirit of the Indie Collaborative shone brightly with the support and camaraderie of all the artists present, both on stage and in the audience. I had the pleasure of having Grant Maloy Smith back me up on guitar.

Fall 2018


Through The Years: An Evening with Marty Panzer

I was honored to sing a couple songs at a concert celebrating the work of Marty Panzer, who has written many hits for Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand, Julio Iglesias, and many Disney movies. Marty set up each song with super funny stories and antidotes about how the songs came about. It was a special night!

the light within_6PAN1T-C-02.jpg

Update on The Light Within

A few of you have noticed the release date for my Yoga/Healing/Inner Peace album keeps getting pushed back. First of all, thanks so much for your support and interest in it! There have been some unforeseen circumstances causing the delay, just know it’s completely finished and will hopefully be worth the wait.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 1.48.45 PM.png

Performance at The Hotel Cafe

I performed a couple of my original songs at the Hotel Cafe for a private party hosted by one of the music libraries I have songs published with.

lethal weapon.jpg

Lethal Weapon - Fox

“Arabesque,” which was used in Ghost In the Shell last year, got a second synch on Fox’s Lethal Weapon, Season 3, Episode 7. This time, the vocal version was used - my Carnatic voice lessons finally paid off :D

Christmas in the city logo.jpg

Christmas in the City - Lifetime

Lastly, I was so happy to find out Lifetime is airing “Christmas in the City,” for the sixth year in a row! Check Lifetime’s schedule for air dates and listen for “You’re My Christmas” in the final, happy ending scene. If you want to add “You’re My Christmas” to your Spotify holiday playlist, you’re in luck - here’s the link :)

Summer 2018

PAW workshop.png

Performing Arts Workshop

I was a guest teacher at a Performing Arts Workshop in San Diego. The focus of the class was to empower young women through song, dance, and art, and I was honored to mentor the girls.


Flight - Sine Music

Arshia Alipour and I teamed up again for another downtempo/chill collaboration called “Flight.” It was released through Sine Music. Listen here: or download here:

MTMC screenshot.png

Microphone Techniques Master Class

I created and launched a performance master class for singers called Microphone Techniques Master Class. We did the first few live classes, and are working on an online version as well. Singers, go check it out!

Spring 2018

famous to silence album art.jpg

Famous to Silence

I recently joined forces with CK Barlow on a project called Famous to Silence. We’re a female Indie Electro Pop duo and are working on an album. You can get a sneak peek at it here:

star falls.jpg

Star Falls - Nickelodeon

Star Falls on Nickelodeon synched my song “Home” (released by Jayelle - on Season 1, Episode 4. This was one of my funnest placements to date - almost the whole song was played, and the characters are dancing to it at a party. :)

New Music Video: Missing You

Missing You album cover.jpg

New Single: Missing You

Co-written with Grammy winner Isha Erskine. Produced by Isha Erskine. Releases September 15, 2017

ghost in the shell again.jpg

Film Premier: Ghost In the Shell

31 March 2017

The new science fiction movie, The Ghost In the Shell, premiers tonight in theaters nationwide. The film stars Scarlett Johansson, Juliette Binoche, and Chin Han, and was directed by Rupert Sanders. It is based on the popular Japanese manga of the same name. Juliet Lyons's instrumental piece, "Arabesque," was used in the film - go see the film and listen out for it!

HMMA 2016 Forever.png

2016 Hollywood Music In Media Awards nomination

8 September 2016

"Forever," written and performed by The Element and Juliet Lyons has been nominated in the EDM category of this year's Hollywood Music in Media Awards. We are honored and thankful!


New EDM Single - The Element ft. Juliet Lyons - Forever

30 August 2016

"Forever" is The Element and Juliet's second collaboration, now available on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Read more about "Forever" on two great blogs:


Milk Crater:

Listen here:

when you are near night sky.jpg

New Trance Release: Night Sky feat. Juliet Lyons - When You Are Near

8 July 2016

New trance release by Night Sky feat. Juliet Lyons on Abora Recordings, "When You Are Near," available now on Beatport, iTunes, etc.

Mistresses season 4.jpg

Tonight on ABC's Mistresses

6 June 2016

Tune in tonight to ABC's Mistresses and listen for the song, "Eat You Up," written and performed by Juliet Lyons.


International Songwriting Competition Winner's Circle

Bohemian Hideaway ft. Juliet Lyons won an Honorable Mention position in the Performance Category of the prestigious International Songwriting Competition with their song, "Brave Soul." Co-written by Scott Horton and Juliet Lyons, the song was one of 16 finalists out of 18,000 total entries. Download it on iTunes or listen to it here:

brave soul.jpg

New Single: Bohemian Hideaway ft. Juliet Lyons - Brave Soul

15 April 2016

After winning an Honorable Mention in the Performance category of the prestigious International Songwriting Competition, "Brave Soul," co-written by Scott Horton and Juliet Lyons, is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

trance releases_Collage.jpg

FOUR New Trance Releases

14 March 2016

New collaborations with trance producers Perrelli & Mankoff, Gurban Abbasli, and Alban Berisha. Available on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Be with You (feat. Juliet Lyons).png

New Single: The Element ft. Juliet Lyons - Be With You

12 December 2015

Be With You is Juliet's first collaboration with The Element. Written by Gavin Knowles, Juliet Lyons, and Richard Emmett. Available on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

SPM051 - A Little Snow SD.jpg

New Release: A Little Snow - 10 original Christmas songs

16 September 2015

Sub Pub Music has just released Juliet Lyons and Panos Kolias' second album together on the label, and this time it's a collection of light, happy, and warm-hearted Christmas and Holiday songs, in plenty of time for this year's festive season. Get your copy early on iTunes or Amazon.

DJ Ayk When You're Mine.png

New Trance Release: DJ Ayk feat. Juliet Lyons - When You're Mine

31 August 2015

DJ Ayk and Juliet Lyons teamed up with Magic Trance Records to release "When You're Mine," available on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, etc.

Kamil Esten Cant Stop.jpg

New Trance Release: Kamil Esten & Juliet Lyons - Can't Stop

17 August 2015

Juliet Lyons and Kamil Esten's first progressive trance collaboration, releasedon Alter Ego Recordings. Available on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, etc.

light up my heart album artwork.jpg

New Release: Light Up My Heart - feel-good, happy songs

22 July 2015

Juliet Lyons and Panos Kolias wrote and recorded a collection of light, happy, and quirky songs for Sub Pub Music, which released the album on iTunes and other digital outlets today.

Summer Girls Single.jpg

New single: Juliet Lyons - Summer Girls

9 June 2015

Just in time for summer, get swept up in summer nostalgia and build some new memories with Juliet's new dreamy, evocative, Dream Pop/Indie Rock single. "Summer Girls" is available on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby, or stream it on Spotify.

Shahead Between the Silence.jpg

New Release: Shahead Mostafafar - Between The Silence

9 June 2015

Composer Shahead Mostafafar releases a collection of trailer music today, featuring Juliet Lyons on two of the tracks. Shahead and Juliet have collaborated before on EDM tracks. Their song "Outside of Time" was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and was nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award. Between The Silence is released Hear how the duo transformed their sound on "Between the Silence."

AMSTR084---Hand Over My Heart.jpg

New Release: Kris Maydak & Juliet Lyons - Hand Over My Heart

20 May 2015

EDM producer Kris Maydak and Juliet Lyons teamed up for this progressive trance release, with a remix by Matt Chowski. "Hand Over My Heart" is released on Raz Nitzan/Amsterdam Trance Records. "Hand Over My Heart" is already sitting in the Top 50 Beatport Trance charts in its first week of release. Download it on iTunes or Beatport today.

Hustlers square.jpg

The Hustlers on TruTV tonight! 5/22

22 May 2015

Tune in to the series premier of "The Hustlers" on TruTV tonight and listen for Juliet's song, "Rebel," co-written with Andy Gabrys for their new project together, HypnoSpark. Want to know what to listen for? Hear it by clicking here.

awards 2014.png

Performance and Love Song Honors with the ISC and IMA

Juliet is happy and excited to report some new honors:

She is one of five artists nominated for an Independent Music Award in the Love Song category, for her moody, losing-that-loving-feeling piano ballad - "Turning Sour."

She also received a semi-finalist position in the International Songwriting Competition for her upcoming single - Summer Girls - in the Performance category.

Cypher Trailer Music Worlds Beyond.png

New release: Rob Oxenbridge with Juliet Lyons & Wenda Williamson - Worlds Beyond

25 March 2015

Over a year in the making, Worlds Beyond is a collection of epic, emotional Trailer Music, released by the Cypher TM label in collaboration with Switch Music Group. Australian composer Rob Oxenbridge teamed up with Juliet and concert harpist, Wenda Williamson for the collection. Juliet's singing is featured on seven of the album's tracks, now available on iTunes.

cinderella 1.jpg

Official US trailer - Disney's Cinderella

21 November 2014

The trailer for Disney's Cinderella has released, and Juliet is elated to be a part of it, singing through the last one minute of the trailer. If you would like to download the song heard in the trailer, called "Aeon," by Nick Murray, it's available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc, on the album "Aeon" by Nick Murray and Jeremiah Pena. View the trailer below, or listen for it in the theaters!

Upcoming trailer - Disney's Cinderella

2 days till the trailer releases! Juliet is thrilled that her singing is both a part of the trailer and this short teaser. The movie is set to release in March 2015.

Turning Sour Single.jpg

New Release: Turning Sour

10 November 2014

Go for a turn on the mellow and dreamy side with Juliet's new dream pop single, "Turning Sour," now available for download and streaming in all major outlets including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Juliet's performance of this song was nominated for "Best Female Vocalist" at the 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Award. Written by Juliet Lyons, performed and produced by Juliet Lyons and Andy Gabrys.

HMMAs 2014 Turning Sour_Fotor_Collage.jpg

Hollywood Music In Media Award nominations 2014

18 October 2014

Juliet earned two nominations for the 2014 Hollywood Music In Media Awards, bringing her to a total of seven nominations since her first in 2009. She is nominated for Best Female Vocalist for her song, "Turning Sour," and for Best Acoustic/Americana/Folk song for her song, "Love To Go Around." She will be attending the awards ceremony early next month in Hollywood, CA.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.17.46 AM.png

Feature on Mad July in Making Music magazine

18 August 2014

The July/August 2014 issue of Making Music includes a feature on Juliet's band project - Mad July. The article details the behind-the-scenes process the 3 band members utilized. Having never met or even spoken on the phone during the making of their album, Riding Gravity, they got creative and got their system down to a science. Click here to read the article

Pick up a print copy at your local Guitar Center, or order a print copy by clicking here

Mad July: Riding Gravity is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, CD Baby, etc.

Arshia Alipour 2 Minutes to the Night.jpg

New release: Arshia Alipour feat. Juliet Lyons - 2 Minutes to the Night

1 August 2014

Juliet teamed up with electronic music producer, Arshia Alipour, for the new single, "2 Minutes to the Night." The 4-track album released by Redux Recordings features the original chillout version, and several trance remixes by Rene Ablaze. Click on the name of your preferred outlet to get your copy: Beatport, Amazon. Or listen to the streams here: Redux's Homepage


New member of The Recording Academy

25 July 2014

Juliet joined the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences over the summer. She's looking forward to using her voice in a new way - as a voting member.


Outside of Time featured on 2014 Ibiza Trance Anthems

7 July 2014

The Sou Kanai remix of Outside of Time (Shahead ft. Juliet Lyons) is featured on LW Recordings' 2014 Ibiza Trance Anthems.

Click here to get it on iTunes

Click here to get it on Beatport

Raham HaghGooyan Back To Life.jpg

New release: Raham HaghGooyan feat. Juliet Lyons - Back To Life

2 June 2014

Trance producer Raham HaghGooyan and Juliet teamed up for a new release called "Back To Life," now available at iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, etc. The EP was released by Redux Recordings, and includes the Original Mix, and 3 tracks of the Enlightment mix (Radio Edit, Full, and Dub).

Preview the full tracks at:


Outside of Time in the winners circle at the International Songwriting Competition

9 May 2014

The final results of the International Songwriting Competition are in. Outside of Time - Juliet's collaboration with trance producer and composer, Shahead Mostafafar - made it to the top bracket of finalists, and won an Honorable Mention. If you haven't heard the song yet, download it on Beatport or iTunes.


New video from Mad July: Never Going Back To The Gravity

5 May 2014

Mad July has posted a new lyric video, a collaboration with artist Joy Corcoran. To read more about how it came together via Joy's blog, click here. Watch the video on youtube, and if you leave a comment before the 10th of May, you may win one of her original paintings used in the video! See the Mad July facebook page for more details.

Shahead Outside of Time.jpg

New release: Outside of Time -Shahead ft. Juliet Lyons

10 March 2014

Like chillout music? Like trance? Shahead ft. Juliet Lyons' "Outside of Time" now available in all major digital outlets! Read the press release here.

ISC Finalist.jpg

International Songwriting Competition finalist

8 March 2014

We are proud and honored to share the news that Shahead feat. Juliet Lyons' "Outside of Time" is a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. Out of 19,000 entries, this track made it to the top 1%. Get your copy on iTunes on March 10th. It is already available on Beatport.


White Wedding on Pretty Little Liars TONIGHT!

4 March 2014

Tune in tonight to ABC Family's popular hit show, Pretty Little Liars, and listen for Juliet's cover version of Billy Idol's "White Wedding." The tune is available on iTunes and all other major digital outlets for downloading and streaming.


Trailer Music release feat. Juliet Lyons

28 February 2014

Juliet's vocals are featured on four of the tracks from Switch. Trailer Music's newest project, Aeon by composers Nick Murray and Jeremiah Pena. The album, which features epic, sci-fi drama trailer music, and was recorded with a live 52-piece orchestra, is now available for downloading and streaming on all major digital outlets.

Christmas in the city logo.jpg

You're My Christmas featured in Lifetime Original Movie begins this weekend

2 December 2013

Tune in this coming weekend on December 7th and 8th to the Lifetime Channel for "Christmas In The City," starring Ashanti. "You're My Christmas," performed by Juliet Lyons, written by Juliet Lyons, Dean Brantley Taylor, and Vince Constantino, and produced by Vince Constantino, is featured in one of the final scenes of the movie. The single was released yesterday and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby, etc (see previous post for links). Christmas In The City will be airing throughout December - check Lifetime's website for the latest air times.

You're My Christmas.jpg

New Release: You're My Christmas

1 December 2013

Here's a new holiday single released today! "You're My Christmas," written by Juliet Lyons, Dean Brantley Taylor, and Vince Constantino is now available in all major digital download and streaming outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, andCD Baby. Get fun and festive and download it today!


USA Songwriting Competition Finalist

24 November 2013

The USA Songwriting Competition - the "world's leading international songwriting competition" - announced its 2013 winners, and Juliet is thrilled to have earned a finalist honor in the Children's Music category for her song, Children of the World. You can hear it by clicking on the song title.

HMMAS Juliet Lyons 2013.jpg

Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2013

Click the photo to see more from last night's award show in Los Angeles, CA. Juliet was honored with 3 nominations.


Juliet picks up a third HMMA nomination

15 October 2013

Juliet is elated and honored to have received a third nomination this year, this time for her collaboration with electronic music producer, SHAHEAD.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.49.27 PM.png

New video: Carefree

1 October 2013

New video of Carefree, from Summertime Is How To Live, was filmed at sunset on the southwestern tip of Nassau/New Providence island.


Mad July's 2nd HMMA nomination

22 September 2013

Juliet's band project, Mad July, has been nominated for a second Hollywood Music In Media Award 2013 - this time in the Best Alternative Song category. We're thrilled! Stream the full song on the Mad July bandcamp site, Spotify, Rdio, etc. Dowload it at iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Taxi Profile Interview.jpg

Interview with Juliet Lyons for Taxi A&R Newsletter

12 September 2013

Juliet was interviewed by Kenny Kerner in Taxi A&R's monthly newsletter this month. Click the picture to read a little of Juliet's story.


Carefree and Summertime Is How To Live in upcoming episode of The Vineyard

28 August 2013

Two of the songs from Juliet's new album have upcoming placements on ABC Family's The Vineyard. Tune in to the episode airing on Tuesday, September 3rd, and listen for "Summertime Is How To Live," and "Carefree."

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.57.03 PM.png

UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist

Juliet's band, Mad July, received a 2013 UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist award in the Rock Category for their song "Tonight I'm Young." Download the song on iTunes or sing along to the lyric video on youtube by clicking the picture.


MTV's Catfish

25 July 2014

Several of Juliet's instrumental pieces are being used in Season 2 on MTV's Catfish.

Mad July HMMA nomination.jpg

Best Female Vocalist Nomination - HMMAs 2013

12 July 2013

Juliet has been nominated with her band project Mad July for a 2013 Hollywood Music In Media Award! The song, I Don't Know Where You Are is nominated for Best Female Vocal. This is Juliet's third time being nominated for the HMMAs, and she is thrilled and honored. Listen to the song here, and download it here.

MJ on Amazon.jpg

Mad July hits #2 on Amazon

7 July 2013

Mad July hit the Amazon best seller charts in its first week of album sales. Riding Gravity reached #2 in the Adult Alternative Hot New Releases.

Mad July Riding Gravity.jpg

New Release: Mad July - Riding Gravity

1 July 2013

A little over a year ago, Juliet and co-writers Dean Taylor and Marc Blackwell created a band project called Mad July. At long, last they have released their 9 song debut album, Riding Gravity. Mad July is female-fronted electro pop/rock. The songs are big, bold, and passionate - think Evanescence meets Kelly Clarkson. Check it out on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, Rhapsody, Spotify, or any other digital outlet of your choice.

Summertime Is How To Live.jpg

New Release: Summertime Is How To Live

21 June 2013

It's the first day of summer, and Juliet's new album, Summertime Is How To Live drops today! Break out your sunglasses and a mojito, and dowload the record on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, Rhapsody, Spotify, or any other digital outlet of your choice.

Freeman Simple Love.jpg

New trance release: Freeman feat. Juliet Lyons - Simple Love

30 May 2013

Trance producer DJ Freeman and Juliet's collaboration called Simple Love is out now. Check it out on Beatport oriTunes

Great Great World Juliet Lyons.jpg

New lyric video: Great Great World

28 January 2013

Check out the lyric video for Great Great World, which was aired on the reality show K-Town, Season 2 Episode 5, last month. Click on the photo to be directed to video.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.14.31 PM.png

Great Great World on latest episode of K-Town

27 December 2012

Juliet's song, Great Great World, was featured on this week's episode of K-Town. You can hear it here, download it here, and watch the episode by clicking the photo.